Thursday, September 15, 2011

What I hear...

Another long Monday has passed, I took the subway back to Queens. Thinking of my assignment I decided to take a long walk around my neighborhood to pay attention to all the sounds around me. I live close by Queens Blvd. so I walked along the busy street. It was definitely a new feeling for me since I did not have my iPod in my ears. I began to walk.

There are many cars passing through Queens Blvd. I hear the brakes from cars as they stop at the traffic lights. I hear cars accelerating as the lights turn green. I hear the squeaking of buses as they come to a stop and the rumbling noise when they begin to accelerate.

As I continue to walk slowly along the street, I hear people rushing to get to their destination. I hear their fast pace footsteps. I hear their bags rubbing against their body as they pass by me. I hear chatters of friends getting off school and/or work. I hear people talking on their cellphones. I hear people exchanging conversations as they pay for their purchases on the street food cart. I hear dogs barking whenever they see another dog.

I turn at the corner of the block and everything becomes less noisy. The block is pretty empty. I can hear my own flip-flops, my own foot steps. I can hear the wind blowing the cloth/fabric advertisement back and forth. I paused and stop moving for a couple of few minutes, I hear the wind blowing through the leaves on trees making small rustling sounds. I hear the American flag on a neighbor's window blowing back and forth making soft, calm noises.

As I walk to the park, I hear kids running around the playground. I hear the bicycle wheels turning and the thrust of foot pressure from the boy on a scooter. I hear children shouting and laughing. I hear cries from a boy who fell on his knees. I hear the bouncing of the basketballs. I hear the popping sound of the handball as it hits the wall. I hear guys giving each other high fives, I hear them laughing. They just won the game.

Finally, I walked back home, listening to my own footsteps. My cellphone rings as I reached my front door.

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